Earthseed Community

This site is dedicated to the creation of an Earthseed community.

Earthseed is about preparing to fulfill the Destiny.  It’s about learning to live in partnership with one another in small communities, and working out a sustainable partnership with our environment. It’s about treating education and adaptability as the absolute essentials that they are.

Partnership is giving, taking, learning, teaching, offering the greatest possible benefit while doing the least possible harm. Partnership is mutualistic symbiosis.

Partnership is life.

Any entity, any process that cannot or should not be resisted or avoided must somehow be partnered.

Partner one another.
Partner diverse communities.
Partner life.
Partner any world that is your home.
Partner God.
Only in partnership can we thrive, grow, Change.
Only in partnership can we live.

If the Earthseed Destiny is to have any meaning beyond a distant mythical paradise, Earthseed must be not only a belief system but a way of life. Children should be raised in it. Adults should be reminded of it often, refocused on it, and urged toward it. Both should understand how their current behavior is or isn’t contributing to fulfillment of the Destiny. 

Once or twice
each week
A Gathering of Earthseed
is a good and necessary thing.
It vents emotion, then
quiets the mind.
It focuses attention,
strengthens purpose, and
unifies people.

Most religions are ultimately cargo cults. Adherents perform required rituals, follow specific rules, and expect to be supernaturally gifted with desired rewards—long life, honor, wisdom, children, good health, wealth, victory over opponents, immortality after death, any desired rewards. Earthseed offers its own rewards—room for small groups of people to begin new ways of life with new opportunities, new concepts of wealth, new challenges to grow and to learn and to decide what to become. Earthseed is the dawning adulthood of the human species. It offers the only true immortality. It enables the seeds of the Earth to become the seeds of new life, new communities on new earths. The Destiny of Earthseed is to take root among the stars, and there, again, to grow, to learn, and to fly.

In addition to inspiring the creation of Earthseed, Octavia Butler’s Parable series helped inspire other religious movements, including the Solseed Movement and the Terasem Faith.

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