What Would Octavia Butler Have Thought of the Real Earthseed?

It seems to me that often a work of fiction can take on a life of it own, beyond the intention of its author. I’ve often wondered what Octavia Butler would have thought of the real Earthseed which were are fostering here. Syrus Marcus Ware recently answered that question in an article in CanadaArt.

We are not the only Earthseed

According to the Book of the Living, all humans are Earthseed, because we have the ability to perceive Change and all humans have the potential´╗┐ to be Earthseed, when we Shape God with wisdom and forethought, generosity and compassion. This website is just one expression of this vision. We are Earthseed, but we are not the only Earthseed.

Gaia Calls Us

God is change.
It is the nature of the universe that massive change happens.
The Terraforming of Mars will be God.
The Gaiaforming of Earth will be God.
EarthSeed is a powerful enough being to shape God.
Shape God.