Frequently Asked Questions

1. But why say “God”?  Why not say “the World” or “Nature”?

“God” in the sense in which we use it does mean the world and nature. But it is useful to call these things “God”.  If we call the world/nature “God”, then we won’t be tempted to consciously or unconsciously imagine a supernatural agency and call that “God”.  “God” is a powerful idea, and if we don’t give a place for that in our life, if we do not find “God” in this world, then there is a human tendency to project it outward into the supernatural.

When we say “God is Change”, we are simultaneously denying the claim that God is unchanging and affirming that this world of contingency is all there is. When we say that God can be shaped by us, we are simultaneously denying the claim that God is transcendent and affirming the idea that we have only ourselves to look to for a better future. “God is Change — Shape God” is a challenge to see, to learn, and to work to shape our reality, just as we are shaped by it.

2. Do you worship God?

It depends what you mean by “worship”. In one sense, we do not worship God. Instead we perceive and attend God. We lean from God. And with forethought and intelligence, imagination and industry, we can shape God.

We do not worship God.
We perceive and attend God.
We learn from God.
With forethought and work,
We shape God.
In the end, we yield to God.

In another sense, we do worship God. But worship is no good without action. Worship is only useful if it steadies you, focuses your efforts, eases your mind. God canʼt be resisted or stopped, but God can be shaped and focused. Prayers only help the person doing the praying, and then, only if they strengthen and focus that persons’ resolve. If theyʼre used that way, they can help us in our only real relationship with God. They help us to shape God and to accept and work with the shapes that God imposes on us.

Respect God:
Pray working.
Pray learning,
Pray creating,
Pray working.
Pray to focus your thoughts,
still your fears,
strengthen your purpose.
Respect God.
Shape God.
Pray working.

3. What good is a God that doesn’t care about you? If God is Change, then who cares for us?

We care for one another. Kindness eases Change. Earthseed teaches us to care about ourselves and others. It teaches us to create communities where we can shape God together.

God is neither good nor evil,
neither loving
nor hating.
God is Power.
God is Change.
We must find the rest of what we need
within ourselves,
in one another,
in our Destiny.

4. Why should people bother about the Destiny, farfetched as it is?

A unifying, purposeful life here on Earth, and the hope of heaven for themselves and their children. A real heaven, not mythology or philosophy. A heaven that will be theirs to shape.

Each of us is mortal.
Yet through Earthseed,
Through the Destiny,
We join.
We are purposeful

5. What do people have to do to be good members of the Earthseed Community?

The essentials are to:

1. Learn to shape God with forethought, care, and work.

2. Educate and benefit your community, your family, and yourself.

3. Contribute to the fulfillment of the Destiny.

6. How do I get involved?

Joining Earthseed is a simple matter of agreeing to follow the three essentials above and reciting the “Words of Welcoming” to another Shaper.  If you would like to become a Shaper of the Earthseed Community, Click here to email Earthseed.

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