Free Webinar this Sunday (5/3): “Finding Meaning in the Dark: A Post-Doom Big Picture” by Michael Dowd

Please invite your friends! There will be two amazing presentations by Rev. Michael Dowd this Sunday (May 3). Michael is bestselling eco-theologian and speaker whose work has been featured on TEDx, the New York Times, LA Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Newsweek, and more. Michael will be speaking about living meaningfully, compassionately, and courageously in the face of climate disruption, ecological loss, and societal upset.

Jumping into Change

God is Change. There is no holding on the the present. I can only embrace the ceaseless flow of Change and do what I can to Shape God now.

What Would Octavia Butler Have Thought of the Real Earthseed?

It seems to me that often a work of fiction can take on a life of it own, beyond the intention of its author. I’ve often wondered what Octavia Butler would have thought of the real Earthseed which were are fostering here. Syrus Marcus Ware recently answered that question in an article in CanadaArt.