A Proposed Earthseed Wheel of the Year

This is a proposed cycle of ritual observances for the Earthseed community, conceived mostly by Tony Schlisser. Suggestions and comments are welcome.


Rite of Changes

“God is Change”

September Equinox


Rite of the Trickster

“God is Trickster”

Oct 31


Rite of Sharing

“Partnership is giving and taking”

December Solstice



Rite of Talents

“The Earth Our Womb”

February 2

The Sower - Luke 8:4-15

Rite of Sowing

“Shape God”

March Equinox


Rite of Gaia

“We Are Earthseed”

May 1


Rite of the Teacher

“God is Teacher”

“Partnership is learning and teaching”

(In Remembrance of Octavia Butler)

June Solstice


Rite of New Suns

“The Stars Our Destiny”

August 1


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