Jumping into Change

God is Change. There is no holding on the the present. I can only embrace the ceaseless flow of Change and do what I can to Shape God now.

What Would Octavia Butler Have Thought of the Real Earthseed?

It seems to me that often a work of fiction can take on a life of it own, beyond the intention of its author. I’ve often wondered what Octavia Butler would have thought of the real Earthseed which were are fostering here. Syrus Marcus Ware recently answered that question in an article in CanadaArt.

All Things Change? by Thomas Schenk

When we conscientiously set goals, we are engaged in an activity that has its roots in the processes that shaped galaxies from the raw material of the Big Bang and that shaped oak trees from chemical information in the nucleus of a seed. In terms of matter, “we are stardust,” but in terms of our conscious intentions, we are of the very thing that shaped stars out of the primordial nebulae — we are an intentional part of the great process of the World.

They sowed Change, so we must Shape it.

People voted for change, but it seems many did so indiscriminately. They wanted change, any change at all. And, as a result, we will all reap the whirlwind. But we are not powerless. They sowed Change, so we must Shape it.