Earthseed Ritual for Pagans, Part 2

Earlier this month, I presented an Earthseed ritual at the Earth Traditions Oasis festival. The first part was the story of Lauren’s mental and physical journey toward the concept of God as Change. The second part was an adaptation of the Elements Ritual that has been posted here previously. And the last part was a ritual using clay to experience the second tenet of Earthseed: Shape God.

My Earthseed Altar

Making an altar is not a necessary part of Earthseed, but if you would like to make your own altar, I hope this article gave you some ideas for how you might go about it.

We are not the only Earthseed

According to the Book of the Living, all humans are Earthseed, because we have the ability to perceive Change and all humans have the potential to be Earthseed, when we Shape God with wisdom and forethought, generosity and compassion. This website is just one expression of this vision. We are Earthseed, but we are not the only Earthseed.