An Earthseed Solstice: Festival of the Teacher

Our teachers
Are all around us,.
All that we perceive,
All that we experience,
All that is given to us
or taken from us,
All that we love or hate,
need or fear
Will teach us—
If we will learn.
God is our first
and our last teacher.
God is our harshest teacher:
Learn or die.


My Earthseed Altar

Making an altar is not a necessary part of Earthseed, but if you would like to make your own altar, I hope this article gave you some ideas for how you might go about it.

Poetry and Ritual as Keys to Transformative Power

Ritual and poetry point to something that cannot be fully expressed in representational language, or rather, they invite us to experience something that cannot be fully expressed in representational language. They create a space where that experience can happen. The meaning of good poetry can never be exhausted by explanation for this reason. And the same is true of ritual. And if we want our rituals to be transformative, then I think they must be poetic — both in word and gesture.