God is Change

God is change.  This is the first tenet of Earthseed.  “God is Change” is literal truth.

The God of Earthseed is not a person.  The God of Earthseed does not love us or hate us or watch over us or know us at all.  The God of Earthseed just is.

God is Power—

The one irresistible force in the universe is Change. Everything in the universe Changes. Every living thing, every bit of matter, all the energy in the universe Changes in some way.

All that you touch
You Change.
All that you Change
Changes you.
The only lasting truth
Is Change.
Is Change.

Whether youʼre a human being, an insect, a microbe, or a stone, this verse is true. Everyone knows on an intellectual level that Change is inevitable. But many people don’t feel it on an emotional level. And so they create gods, supernatural authority figures, to stand between them and Change — big-daddy-God, big-cop-God, big-king-God. For many people, God is just another name for whatever makes them feel special and protected. Earthseed deals with ongoing reality, not with supernatural authority figures.

As wind,
As water,
As fire,
As life,
Is both creative and destructive,
Demanding and yielding,
Scultpor and clay.
God is Infinite Potential:
God is Change.

The God of Earthseed is wildly dynamic. It is faceless, implacable, and sometimes terrifying. But it is also malleable.

God is Change.
God exists to shape
And to be shaped.

This is not a very comforting religion. Change can be frightening. Earthseed empowers us to Shape God when we can and surrender to God when we cannot.

∞ = Δ



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